A person’s words can be life-giving water…

Proverbs 18:4

Reflections in Word & Song

I am a lover of words and language, perhaps this is why as a child I was so drawn to the words and stories of Jesus that captivated my young mind with Divine Love and Wisdom, and became the sacred texts of my heart.

I offer these samples of my work with gratitude for your interest and effort to better know me, my work, and my journey. I hope these offerings will be a source of inspiration as you read, listen, and watch me in action. ~ Shea

Samples of My Work

Songs of Prayer

I have been writing prayers as song since I got my first guitar at the age of twelve. As a child and youth, I found no greater way than singing to express the depths of my love and awe for God, life, and all of creation. As I relate in my book, Sanctuaries of Childhood:Continue reading “Songs of Prayer”

We Are a Lenten People, Too: A New Way of Doing Grief This Covid-19 Season

Southwest Conference UCC Blog Post by Shea Darian (April 2020) Year after year on Easter Sunday we joyously proclaim, “We are an Easter people!” But, Easter Sunday 2020 came and went. We find ourselves still wandering through a Lenten desert – not knowing when or how the nightmarish suffering and everyday losses wrought by theContinue reading “We Are a Lenten People, Too: A New Way of Doing Grief This Covid-19 Season”


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