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A soulful guide to navigate loss, death and change, this book makes learning about grief and grieving a growth-inspiring, life-shifting event. It is a personable, story-rich, family-friendly guide that provides a new paradigm of the human grieving process that will serve as a compass on your way to healing. Coming this fall. Order now and receive free shipping in U.S.


Doing Grief in Real Life

by Shea Darian

A Soulful Guide to Navigate Loss, Death & Change

You see it everywhere these days: Grief woven into the fabric of our lives along with death, divorce, illness, political struggles, social ills, family dysfunction, and all kinds of loss-related changes.

Doing Grief in Real Life offers an enlightening, engaging, and uplifting perspective on grief that introduces my Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics (Illness, Crisis & Loss, 2014) – a new way to think about and engage grief so that grieving and healing become one and the same. 

Read it and become your own best grief expert.

Praise for Doing Grief in Real Life


…one of the most useful things I’ve ever learned about in all of my years of going to school.

~ College Student


Shea has written a book that speaks to the heart and soul of who we are as humans.  The compass she offers us for navigating the change and loss that we will all experience is nothing short of life-changing. And Shea does it with a voice that embraces readers and makes them feel like they are sitting in their living room with her as she shares her wisdom.  Doing Grief in Real Life will be a gift to all readers who have the good fortune to open up its pages.”

~ Dr. David Boninger, Ph.D.

“Compelling Speaker”

I found Shea the most compelling and interesting speaker… There was a friendliness, compassion, and “zen” to her that I could absolutely appreciate.

~ College Student

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