From My Colleagues

I have had the good fortune to work and collaborate with many colleagues that I respect, admire, and have grown to love… My gratitude is endless for their words and actions of enthusiastic support. ~ Shea

Vanessa Chamberlain

Holistic Counselor, Cultural Wellness Educator and Childhood Mental Health Consultant

“Shea and I have collaborated in the past and continue to consult with one another regarding innovative responses to the social, emotional, & spiritual needs of our youth, families, and communities at this time. Notably, Shea spearheaded 24/7, a Holistic Education community conference, geared toward religious leaders, educators and parents within our community. This endeavor was undoubtedly a growing opportunity for the both of us, as we collaborated on the many facets of creating connections, and providing meaningful, relevant experiences for a varied group of participants. The breadth of the project was significant and Shea remained our visionary; she encouraged the conference team to complete tasks while inspiring us to maintain present moment awareness throughout the preparation process – knowing that the process, itself, would live in the offering.”

Rev. Steve Spilde

ELCA Pastor, Spiritual Director, Franciscan Center Associate Director

“Shea… is a visionary about what is possible. As the congregation grew we wanted to offer more options that would be more meaningful to more people in our community. Shea led an effort to develop a second style of worship that was less formal and more flexible. She also directed plays, skits, and other dramatic presentations to allow more individuals to become involved in our worship. Shea’s ministry was aimed at inclusion. She included more people in our congregational programs, expanding our youth ministry, choirs, and worship. The significant growth triggered anxiety for several members but Shea did a good job of listening while moving forward.

“Shea is gifted, driven, committed, creative, passionate and deeply spiritual. She is a gift to the church.”

Dr. David Boninger

Professor of Psychology

“Shea is a mature, thoughtful, original, and creative thinker. And she knows how to execute on her thoughts and ideas – from planning and directing workshops, to writing for all levels (from writings targeted toward children to scientific journal articles). Shea is also a compelling speaker, easily connecting with those around her while being articulate without seeming aloof. Shea’s skills are also complemented by rich experiences she has cultivated over the years through her counseling in and educating around spiritual direction.

“Shea’s greatest strengths are hard to summarize, but if someone said you have five words to describe the essence of Shea’s strengths, here are what my five words would be: Warm, authentic, open, insightful, and healing.”

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