Words of Recommendation

My Church of the Palms Discernment Circle

These good folks made sure I didn’t have to make the journey to ordination alone. Their undying support and enthusiasm to see me through this process is a beacon of inspiration. To me, you each reflect the face of God. – Shea


“Shea is the most qualified person for ordination that I believe I have ever met. She is a poet, a preacher and a teacher, theologian, writer, artist,  musician, consoler and a healer. Her presence is so full of the love and joy of the Holy Spirit, that whenever I am with her, I feel filled with that Spirit as well. Shea is intellectually, emotionally, physically and, above all, spiritually fit for any ministry setting to which she may be called. We are surely blessed that Shea feels called to ordained ministry in the United Church of Christ. We are in for a great ride!” 

Rev. Susan Princehouse
Member, The Church of the Palms

Photo: Susan & David Princehouse, courtesy of The Church of the Palms


“It is an honor and a privilege to recommend Shea Darian to ordained ministry in The United Church of Christ. In my long service to the UCC, as a pastor and a member of Committees on Ministry in four different Conferences, I find Shea’s ordination paper to be one of the finest if not The Finest paper I have ever read. She not only articulates an understanding of what it means to be ordained but also offers a vision for the called out (the church) to mission in the present and future and for those who are called out (individuals) to lead this vision. Wholeheartedly I believe Shea is of the UCC spirit.”

Rev. James Clark
Member, The Church of the Palms

Photo: Jim & Inis Clark, courtesy of The Church of the Palms


“Shea is a woman who brings to us all the gifts that help us to conduct the self-examination that liberates us on our journey of theological and spiritual growth.  Her ministry to both individuals and the larger community setting is a blessing of healing and growing in the mystery of the Divine Presence.  I celebrate her decision to seek ordination in the United Church of Christ.  She will serve us well.”

Linette Stenberg
Member, The Church of the Palms

Photo: Linette Stenberg, courtesy of The Church of the Palms


“Having read of her experience elsewhere and based on personal knowledge of her participation in the life of The Church of the Palms, I recommend without reservations, UCC consideration of her application for ordination.  The depth and breadth of her experience and the gifts she has demonstrated provide exceptional qualification for ministry.” 

Nelson Hymans
Member, The Church of the Palms

Photo: Nelson & Arloa Hymans, courtesy of The Church of the Palms


“Shea’s capacity for rapport with almost any person is remarkable, creating safety and welcome in her first greetings. She embodies the “Spirit” with all interactions and is of unquestionable integrity.  I welcome her call to ordination with UCC which is one more path that will find her utilizing a vast array of talents and skills to serve God, follow the pattern of Jesus’ life, and manifest that to those she encounters. Shea’s (is an) evolutionary path that exhibits ministry is a journey not a destination.”  

Kay Klinkenborg
Member, The Church of the Palms

Photo: Kay & Max Klinkenborg, courtesy of The Church of the Palms

Letters of Recommendation

Rev. Paul Whitlock
Rev. Howard Schenk
Sandy Znetko

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